I would like to call your attention to children's author, Susan Leonard Hill's wonderful children's book blog.  Last Friday she featured my next book, THE ALMOST TERRIBLE PLAYDATE in a regular post she calls PERFECT PICTURE BOOK FRIDAY.  

In it she says:

This is a delightful story, told completely through dialogue and illustration (a good mentor text for writers who are working on similar stories.)  The writing is spare and there is no written narrative – it’s all a conversation.  The girl is completely sure that her idea is best, her game the most fun…and not surprisingly it gives her the starring role.  The boy is equally convinced that his totally different idea is best, his game the most fun…and not surprisingly it gives him the starring role :)  Anyone who has ever spent time around kids will recognize this dynamic.  The children’s imaginative descriptions grow more and more elaborate as they try to convince each other, but it is not to be...

I invite you to read the entire blog post as well as Susan's other insightful pieces by clicking here. 

There is not a more gratifying feeling than having someone you respect understand and like something you have created. I want to thank Susan for her very thoughtful post.