Ally-saurus Contest

In my two Ally-saurus books, I illustrate Ally’s love of all things dinosaur by drawing imaginary claws, spikes and tail using colorful crayon over her (black and white) picture.

Now it’s your turn! Draw yourself in pencil, then draw what you love to play (or pretend to be) in crayon over the picture!  You can draw your own or use the template below (click on the image to download and print).  The choice is yours. The important thing is to have fun using your imagination!   

When you're done, write your name on your drawing and email a copy to  Be sure to include your name and address in the email. They will be posted to this site and all participants will recieve a signed Ally-saurus bookmark. This fall one winner will be picked at random to receive a signed original drawing of Ally-saurus!  

 Here's an example. First draw yourself in pencil.


Then show us what you really love!