You can call her Ally-SAURUS! When Ally roars off to her first day at school, she hopes she'll meet lots of other dinosaur-mad kids in class. Instead, she's the only one chomping her food with fierce dino teeth and drawing dinosaurs on her nameplate. Even worse, a group of would-be "princesses" snubs her! Will Ally ever make new friends? With its humorous art, appealing heroine, and surprise ending, this fun picture book celebrates children's boundless imagination.

•"Torrey nicely tackles lots of first-day issues in this imaginative offering...and he does so with aplomb." --Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

•"The children's make-believe accouterments create a fun visual effect...demonstrating the way children's passions loom large in their lives." --Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

•"Ally is an ebullient heroine, and her enthusiasm is infectious." --Booklist

•"Imparting the lesson that everyone has their own personality and can still be themselves and make friends, this story is worth the read." --School Library Journal

•"Clever!" --The Wall Street Journal

•"It just keeps getting better."